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SONAX Application Sponge

SONAX Application Sponge for the thorough and even application of polishes and waxes. Special sponge with reinforced white grip side and extra finely pored yellow sponge side. Extremely versatile for exterior application of polishes, waxes and plastic care products.

SONAX Microfiber Interior & Glass Cloth

SONAX Microfibre Cloths Plus cleans glass, mirrors, plastic surfaces, upholstery and carpets without leaving streaks or fluff. Washable. Ultra-fine microfibre cloth (80% ployester, 20% plyamide).

SONAX Microfibre Cloth Ultrafine

Sonax Microfiber Cloths Ultrafine is a professional standard cloth for the highest requirements necessary, especially sensitive surfaces. Leaves no residues or wipe induced scratches after final polishing. The cloths have rounded-off corners and turned-in edges to maximize softness. Seams are stitched in different colors to avoid using different products with the same cloth. Each pack contains 3 towels with different colored seams; White, Red and Blue. Each cloths edging is silk to reduce etching on newly polished paint surfaces. There are no tags on the towels. Very soft and absorbent.

SONAX Motosol : Car Care Pads for Interiors

Car Care Pad is a soft pad that can be used for cleaning the interiors and delicate parts of your vehicle. The pad allows you to clean the vehicle without causing any scratches to your parts. After use the pad must be washed in luke warm water or normal water.

SONAX Motosol : Microfibre Cloth Exterior

The SONAX Microfiber Cloth- Exterior allows you to clean and polish the exterior of your car with care. This cleaning cloth is made from micro-fine polyester and polyamide fibres and is excellent for removing dust and dirt. The SONAX Microfiber Cloth- Exterior is suitable for all types of surfaces, such as glass, plastic, paintwork, wood, chrome, etc. The SONAX Microfiber Cloth- Exterior is anti-static and lint-free and is ideal for finishing off after the paintwork care. The extremely absorbent active micro fibres absorb the wax and polish residues, leaving a shining paintwork surface. To get the best shine, use the cloth only when dry.

SONAX Motosol : Microfibre Cloth Interior & Glass

Sonax xtreme microfibre cloth interior and glass, ultra-fine microfibre cloth. Leaves no streaks, smears or lints. Microfibre cloth for removing dirt and greasy films from glass, mirrors and plastics. Also ideal for textile surfaces such as upholstery and carpets, as it is lint free. Directions for use: glass surfaces: spray sonax clear glass thinly onto the microfibre cloth and wipe over the windscreens etc. Upholstery: spray sonax foam upholstery cleaner onto the affected surfaces and work in with the moistened microfibre cloth.

SONAX Multi Sponge 2 in 1

The all-rounder for car cleaning. Particularly absorbent. With two different application surfaces. The grey side has the softer structure and is made for general vehicle cleaning. The white side has a rougher surface and is ideal for removing more stubborn dirt

SONAX Synthetic Chamois

Extra large, high quality chamois with an excellent absorbtion capacity. Resistant to wear as well as oils, fuels and cleaning liquids. Ideal for the glove box. Also recommended for household and glass cleaning jobs.