HOT TRACKS has carved a niche for itself in everything automotive and here we also have NICHE Wheels constantly pursuing the latest innovations and techniques to build the hottest ALLOY WHEELS available in the aftermarket industry. From Big Bling to small Tuner, NICHE Wheels has truly tested every aspect of the ALLOY WHEEL industry. Today, NICHE Wheels provides new and innovative styles and finishes with an ever expanding lineup of ALLOY WHEELS to choose from, each of which is designed to enhance today’s performance vehicles.

NICHE Wheels products are world known for their ultimate quality and unique designs and as the company continually develops new techniques to produce the finest aftermarket wheels available in the industry, HOT TRACKS is privileged to offer you their exclusive range.

The ALLOY WHEELS from NICHE are cast in a single massive piece from the aircraft-grade aluminum, which is the most trusted material in the wheel industry. Each and every NICHE wheel is devoid of porosities or surface flaws and can boast of an incredibly tough construction that stands up to the rigors of the most treacherous roads and HOT TRACKS stands testimony for this.

NICHE Forged Series wheels are custom built in house from start to finish. Each NICHE Forged wheel is engineered to vehicle specs with an endless array of custom options. NICHE Forged styles are available in 8 different configurations with an industry leading range of forging and profile options. Custom finish options range from solid single tone finishes to tinted and colored transparent powders and liquid paints accented by intricate hand finished metal work and HOT TRACKS has been the exclusive destination for all this and much more

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Monotec Series ALLOY WHEELS are cut from a single block of 6061 T6 forged aluminum that ensures extreme strength and light weight. NICHE Wheels endeavors to push your high performance vehicle to its limits. Track series ALLOY WHEELS are two piece rims available in either welded or traditional bolted construction. With construction varying from forged centers and outers to cast centers and outers, Track series ALLOY WHEELS are designed for maximum strength and performance. Whatever choice you make, it’ll be the right one, since every NICHE wheel is a quality product built to accommodate your individual style and budget and readily available at the one stop shop HOT TRACKS

If you’re looking for one-piece cast ALLOY WHEELS designed with a concave or convex face profile, Touring Series wheels are what you need. Matt black or two-tone finishes with a stainless lip give these rims a 3-piece construction look. Using the finest materials and techniques, every ALLOY WHEEL is custom tailored from start to finish to meet your desired fitment. Ranging from 18″ to 26″ in any profile, every wheel is engineered, built, and finished at a NICHE in house manufacturing plant.

At HOT TRACKS, If you’re one of those enthusiastic impulse shoppers striving to get something extremely unique for your four wheeled beauty , a set of exclusive NICHE ALLOY WHEELS is just the perfect buy! NICHE offers six outstanding wheel collections to choose from. Sport Series ALLOY WHEELS feature a cast Monoblock construction with no lip. Spokes extending from the center to the outer edge of the lip allow for maximum concavity, aggressive staggered fitments, and large caliper upgrades. Racing Series ALLOY WHEELS have a dual lug cast Monoblock construction designed with maximum performance in mind. These wheels are super strong and lightweight. Find Your Niche as you select from cast Monoblock to completely custom forged Monoblock wheels. So Visit HOT TRACKS to explore the exclusive range from NICHE where perfection doesn’t rest.