HOT TRACKS the trail blazer and LEXANI WHEELS the trend setter enjoy a great reputation for unique designs, impeccable quality and valued experience . LEXANI WHEELS is a world renowned brand of premium ALLOY WHEELS and at HOT TRACKS , it has an enviable range of ALLOY WHEELS that captures the imagination of customers with mind blowing designs and excellent quality. LEXANI WHEELS has raised the bar elevating the manufacturing of ALLOY WHEELS to a whole new level synonymous with luxury and HOT TRACKS offers you this most exclusive range of ALLOY WHEELS forged from world class materials with a perfect finish. LEXANI WHEELS definitely adds that oomph factor to your vehicle.

Established in 1996, with over a decade of experience, LEXANI WHEELS develops, designs and manufactures the most alluring and strong custom ALLOY WHEELS ever and HOT TRACKS offers this wide variety of high end designs of LEXANI ALLOY WHEELS with enviable finishes, all under one roof. Is it a charming black rim or a captivating chrome wheel or anything in between, HOT TRACKS has all the options of ALLOY WHEELS and every size that satisfies even the most discerning aficionados. Whether covered in a dazzling chrome finish or custom colored to match your vehicle’s body, LEXANI rims stand out anywhere and everywhere. A set of premium quality LEXANI ALLOY WHEELS bring a touch of style and class to a vehicle.

LEXANI WHEELS also creates the strongest and the most lightweight monoblock and 3-piece forged wheels. ” Monoblock rims are manufactured from a round bar stock of lightweight alloy, usually a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. A 3-piece wheel is made up of the center, outer hoop, and inner hoop. The three parts are bolted together after the finishing. Forged 3-piece rims are the most popular among customers at HOT TRACKS as they offer perfect fitments and are easy to customize by painting or plating. Another benefit is that a 3-piece wheel is easy to repair if damaged, as hoops are easy to replace. Want your vehicle to sit on 17″ custom wheels? Need a set of enormous 29″ rims? LEXANI has all the options for you, including 19-inch, 20-inch, and 22-inch wheels and this exciting range is available at the one and only HOT TRACKS .

Offering aerospace precision and haute couture style, LEXANI WHEELS are the best custom ALLOY WHEELS that money can buy. Crafted using the most advanced design and manufacturing methods, LEXANI wheels are unique in every way. LEXANI forged wheels maintain their luster for a much longer period of time compared to cast wheels.  The combination of buyer individuality and creativity with LEXANI wheels has done more than just put new luxury vehicles on the road and HOT TRACKS is their destination creating the magic and satisfying your fancies with anything and everything automotive.