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Vacuum Cleaner,Pininfarina,Pininfarina Vaccum Cleaner 7.4v Lithium

Pininfarina Vaccum Cleaner 7.4v Lithium

Product Description:Pininfarina Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless, for Home and Car.Italian design by Pininfarina, conscientious in both utility and appearance.  Dimensions: Outer Filter: Nylon mesh. Inner Filter: Washable nylon cloth. Dust Capacity: 470ml. Suction Power: >26 mBar. Battery Capacity: 1500mAh. Power: 6W.
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Vacuum Cleaner,Pininfarina,Pininfarina Vaccum Cleaner 12v W/Brush Cyclon

Pininfarina Vaccum Cleaner 12v W/Brush Cyclon

Product Descritpion: This specially designed Pininfarina car vacuum cleaner is conscientious in both utility and appearance. Understated yet elegant in its design, the vacuum cleaner delivers not only on practically, but also the highest of quality in power and vacuum technology. Pininfarina Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Car Direct Plug with Motorized Brush Key Features.
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